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Setting Up Your

Self-Managed Super Fund for Property Investment

Discover how you can gain control over your superannuation savings and use them to invest in property while benefiting from tax breaks.

ASIC has recently advocating mandating a minimum balance for self managed super funds (SMSF). Our advisors are committed to providing you with advice that’s appropriate for your circumstances and determining whether a SMSF is the right option for you.



Boost your retirement nest egg

Our advanced strategies can help build your nest-egg so you can retire with comfort and security.


Minimise Risks and Safeguard Your Wealth

Our founder, Dominique Grubisa, is one of Australia’s leading asset protection experts. Talk to your Financial Planner about Financial Planner strategies available through the DG Institute.


Receive Valuable Advice

Acting in your best interest is the core focus of DGI Wealth Management Advisers.

Our products and services

Self-Managed Super Fund

Tailor your SMSF to benefit from taxation, retirement and estate planning opportunities. Avoid tax and compliance errors. Our team can help you to maximise the tax, retirement and income advantages of SMSFs.

Property Development in SMSFs

Some may think that property development in SMSF contravenes super law. However, that is overstating the position. The key to compliance is how the investment occurs. Get up-to-date guidance on property development in SMSFs. Avoid non-compliance, penalties, and adverse tax consequences. Our team can recommend select structures for you to undertake your next investment.

Professionally Managed Portfolios

Get a tailored portfolio constructed using market-leading research. Our investment portfolios have outperformed peer group benchmarks. They also offer you more diversity in your fund if you hold property.

Why choose
DGI Wealth Management

Let’s face it. Putting a couple of thousand dollars a year in super won’t get you far… unless you do it for 30 years or more. So you need to get started ASAP.

Most of us don’t have that time. In fact, 80% of Australians will retire on at least a part age pension or benefits. And many will have total assets of less than $100,000 for their golden years, so maximising your cash-flow and investment return is paramount.

If you want to enjoy your retirement and quit working, it’s clear that you need to do ‘something’.

But the question is, what? And more importantly, who can you trust to give you advice.

This situation is unacceptable and that’s why we started DGI Wealth Management. We want Australians to have easy access to quality advice about growing wealth and planning for retirement.

Strategies we recommend to help you achieve your retirement goals include:

  • Maximizing your cash-flow by contributing to superannuation.
  • Transition to retirement strategies.
  • Establishing a budget.
  • Setting retirement goals and objectives.

DGI Wealth Management is a division of DG Institute. The DG Institute mission is to empower every day Australians through property education. The DG Institute also provides legal services to ensure people protect their assets effectively and do their succession planning. In addition, the Institute also assists clients with their finances and accounting to support their wealth journey.

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